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Korean American Mental Health Association (KAMHA) was founded in 2015 by a group of mental health professionals in Orange County in response to the growing Korean communities in the area as well as their accompanying mental health needs.  From its inception, KAMHA was interested in linking the Korean community with resources, educating the population on mental health, decreasing the stigma of receiving human services and increasing the overall well-being of this underserved community.  We were encouraged by the enthusiastic support for a movement in the Korean American community for culturally relevant and effective counseling and interventions for the community. 


As a member-driven organization, KAMHA relies on everyone’s input and ideas. With its mission in mind, Networking, Education, and Advocacy to advance the mental well-being of Korean Americans in Southern California, KAMHA plans to continue to support its members through education and networking opportunities and to advocate for equitable and culturally appropriate mental health services for Korean communities in the region. 

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